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Se afișează postări din aprilie, 2014


"Uitarea e otrava! E un mod de a elimina greaseala, de a o acoperii cu un timp ce nu conpenseaza durerea!

                               Dor Amar - 2014


" Acum ceva vreme visam sa realizez ceva palpabil, ceva cu care sa ma mandresc, apoi am incercat sa ridic acest vis, urmand sa ma ridic odata cu el!   Probabil ca lumea stia ca daca ajungi sus, caderea e dureroasa, si a omis sa imi spuna cat de periculos este sa aspir la ceva fara a fi sprijinita de oameni care tin la mine!"

                                            Dor Amar - 2014

The last of it....

"You should have seen the look on her face when i said I'm leaving the city! Her eyes just exploded in little drops that melt the air, but not me… I am on my way to do something for the first time for me, not for her ambition, not for her big dreams, for myself!
I am counting the hours until my train will get here, its a Sunday but i feel like i have to be at work. so great not having a job for the moment!
Its such a great summer, such a great smile on my heart, finally being on a real road, not just in those old books that colored my eyes and dreams!
Standing here on this bench reminded me of my first kiss, it was so unreal, so wet and so far away from me!
Waiting for the train felt like waiting for him to kiss me again, but that its just silly,
"the train isn’t bringing him back" I said to myself!
The time is 9 a.m. and the train whispers to me that this is real, I am leaving home for a better feeling, for a better future! So many people around me, I don't know any…