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My love

"It's never easy... and yet I do it every time, as the last thing that will keep me breathing, even if its really suffocating me! i would stay here, in my corner, on my pillow, smell the rain of autumn and dream of better days, never having the courage to make them come true! You would stay next to me, in my arms, sleeping as a child, with no worries, no nightmares, no ghost to hunt you at night, it gives me the illusion of safe and loved!       And still, I leave every time... to come back to your sweet dreams... in my hands..."                                                                3 september 2012  Dor Amar 2014


"Am vrut sa te sarut!
     De fapt am vrut ca tu sa ma saruti!
     De fapt am vrut sa ma vrei...

     Sunt pierduta intr-o padure incetosata si ma ascund dupa fiecare trunchi, il imbratisez sperand
  ca esti unul dintre ei! Nu au ochi sa ma vada, doar inimi sa simta!"

                            Dor Amar 2014


"Spuma marii se pierde pe nisip, iar nisipul se pierde sub hoteluri, un haos de neclintit de
mana unui singur om.
           Cand vantul bate ma opresc sa imi usuce ochii, sa imi racoreasca sufletul."

         Dor Amar 2014