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My love

     "It's never easy... and yet I do it every time, as the last thing that will keep me breathing, even if its really suffocating me! i would stay here, in my corner, on my pillow, smell the rain of autumn and dream of better days, never having the courage to make them come true! You would stay next to me, in my arms, sleeping as a child, with no worries, no nightmares, no ghost to hunt you at night, it gives me the illusion of safe and loved!
      And still, I leave every time... to come back to your sweet dreams... in my hands..."
                                                               3 september 2012
 Dor Amar 2014


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The one

From all the men I've met.
From all the men that I have seen.
My heart decided to love the one that doesn't love!

The man that looks at me like I belong to him! The man that took all of me, Meat and pain, Leaving my bloody heart to die in vain...

What have I learned

What have I learned about myself?
On those lonely nights with you?
On those wet of tears pillows,
Under your sweat and heartbeat?

I've learned that I don't belong there,
Or you with me.
I've learned that I'm to weak
And that you can crush me at any time.

I've learned that one sided love is never enough
As long as the other person projects its fears to the other.
My love it's to weak for you.
But it will always be there, as it always was!

An end

Summer in my hair,
Winter in my heart.
I've waited for you in the dark. Poison and despair.
I have done my part. I have given you my heart!