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"As I am shaking under the idea of you loving me still, after all this time that we have been away from each other, I am trying to light up my cigarette and forget about you, like I did so many times.
I try to keep all the emotions away, but they are deep into my existence, in my blood, in my dreams and they define me as I am. My shadow of a person, small and unfulfilled, in pain and lost!"


None of your promises were real. You never took your word into action.
You were a coward! And so was I!

One step behind

It seems like I would never reach you! You are so full of yourself that you won't stop and listen for one second, leaving me one step behind.
It is a struggle to understand what you are thinking, never saying the words, pretending that I am interpreting what you are feeling.
It will take me months, and it took me years to understand what is real and what it is not, but always, I am one step behind.


The taste of ice-cream and smiles. The hugs and happy times.
The last Summer of my teen age years.
My last job. My last date. My first date. Your last hug. My last promise.
Your hair color. The smell of gas. My dreams. Your eyes.
Your image of me.
The weather.
My memory.

The last light

The last thing she said to him was a name, a name for the light.
She vanished into the darkness, leaving him alone in the last gasp of light.
There is no air in the other side, no time and no memory.
How can you search for yourself when you don't have a taste of your own irony!?

The presence he once felt was lost in the place of no name.
Where the light has no game.
No storm to clean up after he is gone.
Where the tears are for no one.

I lost hope

I think I lost all of my hope! I just can't distract myself from the obvious, I will never have what my heart wants, I will never have us...
The distractions around me only remind me of my failure...